self awareness
self awareness is the art in which a person logically breaks down all this and ever was any possible way one can choose as way to define themselves
to look yourself in the mirror and then trade places with yourself and be honest not cruel but honest with what it is you see.
all of the possibilities and likenesses you share with yourself and all those who see you.
then from your reflection retreat deep into your spirit and ask what if any reason makes me different what truly makes me special
and then again being honest not critical or hurtful but honest and having to answer yourself "nothing " it's not that you aren't special or gifted it's not that your existence isn't cherished.
however the truth is we all are as one. we all do it our own way but in that way we are still exactly alike and that's OK.
you cant understand both the greatness you possess or the terrible things others are capable of with realizing it as if you were still standing in the mirror with any other person as your reflection and then trading places and asking that same question.
once you understand that you are if not have done the same terrible things or are more the capable of doing so honestly and are also capable of being happy for the greatness others achieve with honesty then you become self awareness.
jealousy, envy, hatred, disbelief, belittlment, bigotry, resentment, distrust, and the pain of those negative experience, focuses, and the bitter toxic person they help create suddenly are so much easier to forgive, to understand, to be more unattached to the excuses of why . because you want for them as you do yourself. you forgive them because you to know that you are no different. the difference is in the lessons we learn and when. you become aware that it's unhealthy and of no positive impact to shame or talk badly about someone who hasn't learned the lessons you have and you are aware that it's likely that they most likely have learned lessons you may have not received.
self awareness is knowing we are as one . our inner world gives birth to our outer existence and the karmic return is the reflection of our positive perspective or our negative feelings. the choice belongs to you. so before you blindly point at a person's life or ignorance ask yourself how are you so different and what puts you on any pedestal above another student of life. we are here to raise one another up because we are but the same God seeing what we choose. heaven or hell is all inside you and the people you lift ultimately lift you as well. just as if you put people down you to sink further into your own hell.
be kind and patient with yourself love yourself and you will find loving others is easier then it looks.
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