Planted Seed Of Love
You plant a seed then walk away.
Just to see what happens.
You water it with a little heart
Hoping to get some traction.

Perceived attraction
Delayed reaction
The seed begins to bloom.
You start to see the colors
as she begins to share her gloom.

You read of all the pain she felt
and the ones she loved but lost.
You began to see this little seed
has all but lost her lust.

Her lust for life, her lust for growth,
her lust to stay alive.
Her drive to find her one true love
Her drive to to hide the lies.

She once was told, she’s all he needs.
She once was told she’s loved.
He vowed she’d be the only one
he’d ever truly love.

Until one day, he left her side
because he didn’t have a choice.
He died the day he lost his mind,
He lost his inner voice.

He couldn’t express the way he felt or remember who she was.
She died the day he lost his mind
She lost her one true love.

© JustAnotherInkling🎨