For Good

She chose to stay
not because there was no other place.
She stays to let her heart mourn
for the love, she used to cherish the most.

She will not beg for your attention.
She will not ask for your appreciation.
She is just right there.
Slowly and silently drifting away.

Maybe, it is easy for you to give her up.
Because she once fell into your trap.
And when she did, you told her to stop.
To stop a life without giving it back.

You may think she still loves you.
And a part of her will say “I do.”
But her entirety will never recur
Because her love finally gets blurred.

So, if you think it is easy to find,
Man, she is one of a kind.
When you realize this fact
It's too late, she's gone.

© Trixy.M

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