Love is a perfect definition of complexity
There are bad days and good days
Fight, make up, and forgive
Tolerance of another being who captured your heart
Seeking happiness that never been felt before
In the process of making a team that would lead to a lifetime of partnership
But love is overlooked when in too much pain
Greatly blinded by distraction and not seeing one is giving their all to you
Standing in front of you all along
Making a fool of themselves just to see the joy that’s painted on your beautiful face
Laughter that becomes the favorite sound to their ears
Most of all the happiness they share with you.
Love takes the best and worst version of the person you chose
Even if the worst outweighs the best, love comes with a lot patience and empathy
Loving them for who they are and what they want
But don’t take it granted
Love can be the death of us
Breaking two hearts into pieces
Crying each night devastated
Memories becomes the source of sadness
Then everything becomes a lesson
But love is within us
Us, ourselves
The one we came on this planet and the one we will die with.

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