Echoes of regret
In the silent chambers of regret, I mourn the missed chance, where words unspoken hover like autumn leaves, longing to whisper in the wind, urging you to ponder twice.

And truth be told, you departed too swiftly, like the Shooting stars . I strived to share the gospel's light, yet as I waited for the perfect moment, you vanished. Only too late did I grasp, you hungered for the nourishment of that righteous word.

Never thought you'd vanish so fast,
Leaving our friendship in the past.
Once pledged to never part ways,
Now memories fade like misty days.

If only I'd glimpsed what lay ahead,
I'd have been the faithful friend you needed instead.
Now, burdened with regret, I see,
What's done is done, no turning key.

We could have shared every knits n knots of life, whether happiness or sorrows, whatever life hits, together.

My dearest departed friend
© Akashi