Like crochet
Life's feeling like crochet
Adopting a hook and a peice of string
Looping through and through again
Almost anything could be made

"Yes like that, that's perfect"
But my piece was fitful, taut all wrong
I came on too strong
And then our conection frayed just like my thread
Of different tightnesses
And types, and heights, and sadnesses
Kind of like the frequency of sanity I feel inside this is
Stress, jealously, bewilderment
Like the nerves crossing inbetween tissue in my frontal lobe, oh how I love to lothe
Looping through and through again
I feel pain in my brain
It looked like a mummified mistake
And she saw it too, if only she saw my brain
Bet she'd have something nice to say

So much potential, so much disarray
I could make a finicky jumper and keep the cold at bay
But I can't sit still and my hands vibrate
Like a buzzing bee in the air
And I feel it's toxin in my veins all day and night
Nature of all things has become something I despise
I would squash it but it already used up it's singular life

I think I've changed
Everytime I feel satisfied I feel fake
I pretend to be okay so perhaps they'll stay
They don't stay much longer than I can crochet
"What's the purpose of this" I say
"Well It's to pass the time I suppose"
All I heard is we are waiting to die
That's the pessimism I developed at a desolate time

I'm glad I'm so well versed
Although at nothing I was the first
I thought I'd make a poem but I don't know if this classifies
Write the words with my eyes
I thought it might help me see
To focus on the motion with simplicity
Pulling through, and through again

{this poem is old}
© angel_ap