like who
pass like a light
so you are fastest

glow like a diamond
so you are like a shine

fly like a bird
so you can achieve dreams

run like a cheetah
so you can achieve aim

think like a skipper
so you can lead

fight like a warrior
so you can defeat fear

see like a eagle
so you can meet target of life

roar like a lion
so you can voice out for injustice

be fearless like a tiger
so you will fearless

head up like king cobra
so you can keep attitude

dance like Flamingos
so you can attract love one's

pass messages like pigeon
so you will get good communicator

create path like elephant
so your successors can follow

wake up like rooster
so you can do it first

be like water
so you can flow

be like a medicine
so you can heal others

be like a tree
so you can be roof to others

be like a cloud in sky
so you can stop thirsty of others

be like fire
so you can escape from darkness

be like a book
so you can educate others

be like oxygen
so you can be part of others life

be like a director
so you can design characters

be like kingdom
so you can be a ruler

be like a author
so you can find best letters of life

be like part of pepole
so you can find values

be like you
so you don’t need mirror

© v_poem