The flight of the holy spirit
Here on earth where strife and anger dwell,
We witness the break of war, fighting, a relentless hell.
Like lamb led for slaughter, innocence betrayed,
Horror and torture, as mortars fly and raid.
Soldier, holder, shooter, all entwined in this plight,
Oh, how we long for an end to this fight.
But alas, thou bastards, cowering in fear,
You hide behind your weapons, shedding no tear.
The battle may be done, the fighting may pause,
Yet from the dregs of darkness, a new horror draws.
Scum nukes deployed, spreading destruction far and wide,
Leaving behind scattered bones and ashes, with nowhere to hide.
And amidst this carnage, this despair and loss,
A dove of peace gracefully emerges, crossing life's moss.
With her gentle wings, she soars above,
A symbol of hope, a testament to love.
She flies on over, carrying a message so clear,
That amidst the chaos and destruction, peace can draw near.
With every beat of her wings, she echoes her plea,
For unity, healing, and a world that's truly free.
Let her presence remind us all of the potential we hold,
To rise above our differences, and be brave and bold.
In her flight, we find solace and a guiding light,
May her message unite us all and set our spirits alight.
So let us stand together, hand in hand,
And heed the call for peace, throughout this land.
For it's within our power, to shape our destiny,
And create a world where love, not war, is our sanctuary.

© All Rights Reserved

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