The path
Today I took a path .Just like open a door, peak in to see what in this room. They are a feeling-come other me. A feeling I never felt. I could take a breath. This path is a place I had never been. But the path is different. People will judge me for it. I just wanted to found a spot to test my heart and soul. Without feeling guilt. How can I grow if he doesn't grow with me. Do I stay, wait for change to come to me? Or do I let go because you won't make that change for me. So now I am on two-way road. They say we are on one way roads. So going back,, not in my cards. I had to follow what good for me. I need trust and love to make me grown. They the only way to go from here. Once I hit the end of my path. When everything come to a stop. Then it my choose to found the right path for me. Walking alone to get where I need to be is fine with me. As long, I keep moving forward with faith and love in my heart.
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