I don’t want this mind🧠 to be mine
All of my thoughts……
They are eating me alive…..
All of my thoughts….
They are eating me alive….
Out of my mind.
Out of my head.
These feelings at night can not be hid.
Out of my heart.
Under my skin.
All of my thoughts eating me up from within.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
I’m still full of doubts.
My heart is on a love drought.
Cause my mind is slowly taking me out.
Feel like I’m losing my mind.
Constantly overthinking all the time.
Self sabotage comes to my mind.
Self harm thoughts eases over time.

My thoughts keep pacing.
My mind keeps racing.
My heart keeps pumping.
The blood keeps oozing.
This battle with my head…. it feels like I’m losing.
I’m slowly going down.
My mind is taking me out.
My mind is taking me to so many places.
I have a passport and I haven’t been to half of the places my mind has taken me to.
My heart is broken in two.
I’m trying not to be broken.
I still stand in one place.
Trying to stay in one piece.
Trying to get me some peace.
So I don’t catch a case.

My mind keeps running, running, and running.
But I am not an athlete.
I’m just trying to compete.
Trying to compete with my mind.
Trying to pretend that I’m fine.
Trying to run away from all of my thoughts.
I can’t keep escape my mind.
Sadly we are intertwined.
It won’t let me out!
It won’t let me out!
It won’t let me out!
I can’t get away.
It’s attached to me.
But I want to be free.
I want to feel peace.
I don’t want to be me.

I’m trying to escape this hell I live in called my mind.
I don’t want it to be mine!
I don’t want it to be mine!
Can somebody help?
Can somebody get this thing out of my head?
Can somebody unattach me from my own head?
I don’t want this mind.
I want back my time.
I don’t want this mind to be mine. -W.O.S.
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