The Garden of Life
In the garden of life, where friendships bloom,
Like flowers bright under the night's gentle moon.
But seasons change, as time flies,
We'll find that even the strongest bonds face goodbyes.

Relationships, like delicate petals, soon dissolves,
With love and care, their beauty becoming a broken bond.
As winds of change whisper soft goodbyes,
leaving only sad memories as the heart's only ties.

And as endings come, and tear drops fall,
The echoes of connection endure it all
Because what may wither and lose its light,
Can nurture new growth, through the darkest night.

And so with abnormal rainfall and darkened skies,
Everything, in time, bids its goodbyes.
Yet in the cycle of life's, still remain eternal ties,
As new beginnings bloom, where old love lies!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo