I feel disappointment crawling up my limbs,
for how unfathomable mess am I?
Could excell any play to die,
I fail to win in every aspect,
it consumes me all together in prospect.
I cherish to embed and engrave,
yet they draw ethereal through each pave.
I spoke the hearts of mountains,
and they sung the hearts through curtains.
Incompetency seeps through cracks,
every hurt that pains and attacks.
How I wish to be one of my own,
have the world at feet, who now disown;
mere idea of me since I discern.
I hate to not feel the depth of mine,
getting lost feels like a crime.
No matter how horrendous it is to be immortal,
I wish to be a rhapsodised cattle.
The one who was loved and adored,
for one couldn't stand their sight without falling in one,
when workd would die just to feel,
how renting in their mind brings you to kneel.
I beg the world for them to know,
how different and beautiful intends ny glow.
I feel so hollow and void,
I'm afraid and excited for end of this ride.

© bhavya_sheisvintage