On the Road to Somewhere
Despite your accomplishments you believe your life is going nowhere, and future achievements are in jeopardy on the road to somewhere. Write a poem on it.

In the shadow of success, there lies a lingering doubt,
With a whisper of fear, as dreams flicker out.
Because despite accomplishments, there's a sense of despair,
As if life's journey is leading nowhere.

Even with each milestone reached, and each goal attained,
Yet the heart remains heavy, burdened and restrained.
All future achievements, are cast in doubt's shade,
Although on the road to somewhere, yet feeling afraid.

Can you see the path ahead? It's shrouded in mist,
As uncertainty reigns, and doubts persist.
What lies beyond, in the realm is unknown,
A question mark hangs around my neck, heavy as stone.

But amidst the fog, there's a glimmer of light,
And a beacon of hope, still shining bright.
For in the darkest hour, faith will find its voice,
To guide the way, while offering a choice.

To persevere, despite the gloom,
To chase the dream, and to break free from the tomb.
Cause life's journey is not a straight line,
But a winding road, where stars still brightly shine.

So let not doubt extinguish your flame,
Because in each setback, lies opportunity to claim.
Though the road may twist, and the path may bend,
This journey will continue, until the very end!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo