friends is study for you a fun?
have you heard of family of sun
formed by sun and planet
which revolve around it
head of family sun which so brightly shin
Number of planet previously was nine
now pluto has been removed so it's name i can not take
so planet are now just eight
are you having any query
first one is mercury
which complets revolution very soon
but has no moon
also lacks blanket of air
which is known as atmosphere
second one is venus
which as a morning star can be visible to us
it's size is same as earth
but in number comes before earth
have you ever been told by your teacher
it is known as earth's twin sister
now comes our earth on which we have taken birth
this is only planet where we can survive
and have condition possible for life
from sun it is at right distence
so normal temperature can be maintained
for breathing it has fresh air
and is also surrouded by atmosphere
it complets revolution in 365 and one forth days
so we normally in a year have 365 days
and in februry of leap year can be adjusted this left one day
completes rotation in 24 hours
resulting a day of 24 hours
it has one moon which can be seen at night
am I right?
in your science class
have learnt about fourth planet mars
it has been said
it's colour is red
now comes here
fifth planet jupiter
which spins fastest
and in size is biggest
now on sixth number
comes saturn
to take it's turn
around sun it revolving
also has large no of rings
on second no is venus
on seventh is uranus
poetry will end soon
aftet telling number 8th is neptune