New Parliament of India
The old Parliament
had many dent
so it was important
to make a new parliament

But Opposition of India
is so bad
they oppose this building
giving the reason
why prime minister innaugrate that

Some are so intelligent
they said
why we need a new parliament
For them only
I am here for chant

Old parliament building structure
was becoming weak
it is the first reason
and the second is
we don't want to sit
in Luteyens architect prison

India is having a big population
so to sit comfortably
our Parliament is having more seat
to prevent Our Member of Parliament
from suffocation and heat.

and the last reason is that
we need to forget
the old british Parliament
There are some African Nations
who made there own new parliament
to get rid off from imperial indications

We should thank them
who made this building
because they made
the temple of democracy
yet Some persons are there
who have jealousy.
Forgetting our Political theories
and political thinking
We should come together
in participation of new India upbringing.

(Congratulations to all of our Citizens of India
in future from you only one person have a chance to sit in new parliament building having
modern hightech facilities We should welcome the new parliament not in the form of supporter of any political party but in the form of Supporters of Democracy)

© Yeshu