Scraggy Donkey
I bought a scraggy donkey, and made it my noble steed

See im not into vanity, more practicality and he is stronger than i need

He can carry half a tonne of the finest hashish and pungent potent weed

Me walking next to him conversing, filling in the blanks he leaves

Then every now and then nodding with wide eyes of approval exclaiming "yes good donkey very good point indeed"

giving him a wink and a nod and a scruff on the heed

He was unstoppable he couldn't be beat

No matter how treacherous a mountain no matter how steep

Sometimes I'd get tired so id grab his tail and let him take the lead

Then we sit and chill rest under the shade of the leaves on the trees

While we eat the edibles all the gummies brownies cookies and sweets

Then when we cross the border back in to the village, the one we had to leave

Not because of banishment but to go on our adventurous journey into the deep

just past the train tracks following the bellowing puffs of steam

Returning with all the smoke the treats the sweets the wonderful bounty a feast

and wild stories of magical fantasy, of magic spells witches and wizards and all the make believe

And of all the the scenes we that we saw, that before were only that of dreams

Of how we evaded soldiers and wild ferocious beasts

And of all the pit falls we survived because we're an epic amazing team

Only to do it all again when we run out witch will probably be quite shortly due to greed

© DannyNorman