Let me Fall upon the Clouds
Let me fall upon the clouds, where dreams take flight,
And from their embrace, find solace and delight.

High above, where the sky's canvas is an open slate,
I yearn to wander, free from earthly plight.

Released from the shackles that weigh down mortal souls,
I seek refuge in the heavens, where angels excite.

Oh, how I long to soar on the wings of imagination,
Where fantasies flourish, and imagination ignites.

In these celestial realms, where limits cease to exist,
I dance with ethereal joy, bathed in celestial light.

The clouds become my playground, soft and billowy,
I surrender to their embrace, my sorrows taking flight.

Whispers of wind carry melodies of the cosmos,
A symphony of stars orchestrates my ascent.

Each cloud a soft pillow, holding secrets and dreams,
I leap from one to another, in a ballet of ascent.

The sun showers its golden rays, painting the heavens,
A kaleidoscope of hues, a masterpiece of ascent.

And as I journey through this celestial ballet,
My heart finds solace in the tranquil, weightless ascent.

Let me fall upon the clouds, where dreams are born,
And in their gentle embrace, my spirit finds respite.

For in these lofty heights, I am truly alive,
Let me fall upon the clouds, and forever take flight.

© jaylinestarr💋