But Why my heart is so resistant
But? Why is my heart so resistant,Why has it failed to let it be, Am kept in unknown restaurant, My eyes are blind they can't see, Waiting for favor like aspirant,But why is it always mee,?Not just my heart but also my mind, With Leanne I accept love is blind, Her heart was the target to find, Loosing her is what I don't want,I already created a strong bond, But why can't she be kind,Why? I hold my phone to complain,Sometimes a paper and a pen,Why can't she feel my pain, Just one answer again and again, That she's insane, She says am the main, But why can't she be passionate,Why is she so private, ? I'll wait for her call tomorrow, Feel her through my bone marrow, Making my mind so shallow, But why does she take my love for Lough,Why can't she respect the Lord who created love, The One and only God from above, Why can't she open her heart for my love,

Ronnie Tanya @The Lonely Writer
© The Chronic Loner