Falling For Pain
Bless my tortured soul, it knows the truth.

It's been down this path before,

It knows the symptoms, it knows to run.

But it can't, it's feet are too heavy

The mud of promise and hope is too thick

Trying to escape too painful

But sinking is so much worse, yet it's prefarable

Curse my deluded heart, it craves affection.

Resurrected from the deepest grave

Having known the blackest darkness

It cannot forget the brightest light

It overlooks the anguish and gore, it is expected

It caresses the impending doom, lulling it to sleep

It falls helplessly, unwillingly so. It accepts.

Deliver my screaming mind, it begs for logic.

Having seen it all, it speaks for reason

Swimming in a sea of confusion, it screams

It cannot comprehend the selfish desire for affection

It sees the pain behind the promise

The desert beneath the ocean of love

It laments for emotional salvation

It demands sanity and logic

It is denied. It can only witness.

It lets you fall for her.

© Ayabonga.Xulu