"Eternal Tapestry: A Love Poem Through Seasons"
In a world where time flows endlessly on,
I'll craft for you a tale, a poem, a song,
A journey through words, where emotions run deep,
A tapestry of thoughts for you to keep.

Beneath a sky painted with hues so divine,
Let us wander through verses, yours and mine,
To explore the realms of joy and despair,
In this long poem, our hearts laid bare.

In the dawn's tender light, we'll start our rhyme,
A sunrise of hope, a new day to climb,
With each stanza, we'll dance through the seasons,
A story of love, with myriad reasons.

In spring, we'll find blossoms in full bloom,
A love awakening, dispelling all gloom,
The world painted in colors so vivid and bright,
As we walk hand in hand, bathed in soft light.

Summer's embrace, a warm, passionate kiss,
Our hearts entwined in an eternal bliss,
Under the sun's fiery gaze, we'll never tire,
As our love burns like a passionate fire.

Then comes autumn, a season of change,
Leaves falling gently, our hearts rearrange,
In the fading warmth, we'll hold each other near,
Knowing that love conquers every fear.

As winter descends, with its icy breath,
We'll find warmth in the love we possess,
In the silent snowfall, we'll make memories anew,
For our love, my dear, is eternally true.

Through the chapters of life, we'll continue to write,
Our long poem of love, a beacon of light,
With every word, our hearts intertwined,
A story of love, forever enshrined.

So let this poem be a testament true,
To a love that's enduring, just like the morning dew,
In this tapestry of words, forever entwined,
Our love story, my darling, forever defined.

Poet : @DrSandeepShri

© Legitimate Doctrines
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