The moon & the stars
I had a dream
that I was sitting on the clouds
chilling with the moon and the stars
that they were my best friends and I was theirs
there would be no more over thinking
no more insecurities
and every time a star fell
we would sing a song they love
and in the day time
they'd take me with them and not leave me to burn
I know that it sounds childish
but it would be so great to escape
cause I don't know how much longer I can take it
keep telling myself it'll be okay
if the air was filled with emotions
then it feels like my lungs keep sucking in pain
and the emptiness is getting so heavy
maybe just for a second
I would like to clear my head
sit with them
we would have our inside jokes
our little secrets
no more fear of fitting in
cause to everyone I wanted to mean something
I ended up being nothing
the fear of being such a disappointment
I just want it to go away
I am not suicidal
I am just tired
the more that I breathe
I feel like I am running out of oxygen
someone please
give me a ride to the sky
looking at that is the only thing that makes me happy
being with the moon
being with the stars
being on the clouds
there's no logic
but wouldn't it just be so great?

© ~notyourfavperson