Do You Remember
Do You Remember..?
Do You Remember Our First
Meeting And The Sudden Arrival Of
Rain And The Dupatta Being
Removed From Your Face Due To
The Wind And Our Falling In Love
With Your Face And Eyes..?
That Ghazal Which Was Recited
On Your Beauty. And The Coffee
That Became
The Reason For Our Love.
And That Soothing Voice Of
Yours When You Called
My Name For The First Time.
Do You Remember..?
Do You Remember..?
That Voice Of Yours Which Melted
My Heart Do You Remember..?
Do you remember..?
That Rose Which Fell From
Your Hand, Yes, I Have Kept That
Rose Till Now,
On That Page Of A Book
Which Has A Ghazal Written
For You The Beautiful Beginning Of
Our Love, For Which The Whole
Universe Was With Us, That Rain,
That Song Of Birds, Do You Remember..?
Our First Meeting And
The Sudden Onset Of Rain.

© I'mperfect_adil 💫✨🎓