Everything dries up.......

The day starts with a daylight
The Ivy Vine shines during the daylight,
Our Tree shines during the daylight.

Some people are blessed a lot by our garden
Some had evil eyes on our garden
They ruined our four Neem trees
They ruined our beloved tree.

The Neem Tree and Ivy Vine appear
Beautiful during the daylight and twilight,
They both remain happy in every situation
With their small house.

Tree's beautiful green head covers our whole house in the summer, it keeps our home colder
When my parents talk they'll cut this tree
During September, tree leaves start to fall
It slowly appears yellow in color leaves
It was like Autumn.

When my brother was to leave this country to study abroad, our beloved Tree had no leaves
It was like Autumn.

After the tree's leaves had fallen
I couldn't control it when the tree dried up
I spent a lot of days with both of them
Now She is alone without him,

The flowers fall from the ivy vine
The leaves dried up,
The whole ivy vine creeper dries
It was like an Autumn.

The Tree always
Remaining Green
In May,
Butterflies flies
And sat on the tree
Wasps make their nests
The day ends with a hope
A moral lesson
Everything dries up
Everything dies
Nothing remains here.

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#Phylosphy #Self-Help.

# Everything Dries up....