Our youngsters, our future - A promising duty
to protect them from danger!

Primitive of the womb, the placenta was a fortress.
A growing toddler to an adolescent,
strangers on the path are no innocent.

Beware of friends as so many are fiends.
Drug dealers masking as leaders,
encircling the vulnerable in a vicious peer group pressure.
From a free cigarette to an unknown substance,
addiction occurs in an instance.
Mirage of great colours to shadows of black,
delusion can be the cause of sudden attack.

Canvassing boozing, soothing harmers are in disguise of sympathisers.
Bottles of arrack keeping one’s mind off track,
journeys are in hatchback without the insurance of a comeback.

To the parents, the first teachers,
attention is drawn on education, obedience,
respecting the fine lines and discipline.

From liberty to carefreeness,
the culprit is mindlessness accolated by carelessness.
Accumulated ignored mistakes,
reflection never lies and is in the mirror.
Overpampered to impertinent, image is that of a juvenile delinquent.
Broken pieces of tragic errors,
shattered dreams to unconsoled screams,
somehow regret has no cure and can only be accepted.

Prevention has an expiration.
Late correction is unfortunately out of date and time.
Don’t blame fate but weak insights and wrong mates.

Refusal is a power.
Know how and when to say no.

Safe choice to rejoice,
being thoughtful is an intelligent art for the smart.
Life was never easy.
The first won competition among millions was fertilisation
embarking us all on earth.

Why choosing slow death over good health?
Is that maturity?

“Intoxication, the jail of illusion
never provides any satisfaction or liberation.”

30th May 2024
© Jhaya Gujadhur