R.I.P. Aliyiah
I write this in deep sorrow
A tribute to a girl who passes tomorrow
Aliyiah Jasmine, surname was a borrow
God named her in her Mother's tone
A gift he gave to the World on his throne
From the West Indies, twin of Tobago
No one knew of her Father, he was unknown
Adopted by the Maestro de Hispano
Once covered in the blood of Taíno
Pero no hay paz para un Americano
Por sí no te quedo claro
An Angel with no wings and no halo
Expelled from the Kingdom of Bueno
Always alone but never on her own
Christan, by the religion we know
Aliyiah, Rest in Purgatory until review
Surrounded by nobody to lay her body below
Too afraid of her fire that had turned blue
Her temple burnt from the wind they blew
Bewildered and left with no clue
Accepted the truth from their point of view
Do not weep for she is free from woe
Become faithful to what is true and liable
"Suicide is an unforgivable sin" in the Bible
Judged by human standards and a foe
She knew they would kill her if she spoke what was true
Accused of being possessed by you know who
But with no wish to be glorified or in the highest view
Without God, we would never have met you
Please no weeping for she is set free from rue
R.I.P. Aliyiah Jasmine we will never miss you

© Aliyiah Jasmine