Hate Me With All Your Heart
Not the hero that you hoped
Not the villan that you know
Just a man playing the role
Everynow and then I loose control
For the future I wanna hold

I have my heart opened for all
Only few can stay in tho
Break my heart if you want so
Won't shed tears anymore
I can't hate anyone anymore
I can't hate you anymore

So just hate me
So I can know it a dead end
So just hate me
For all the broken promises
Don't trust me
All I did is to of no avail
Don't love me
I can't even reciprocate

If I knew this is how
The story of us will end
I will go through it all
Over and over again
The bitter pain in sweet love
I know I deserve it all
So just hate me
I will understand

© 0BS3RV3R