Tit for Tat.
I've opened old wounds,
Spoken in blunt taunts.
And the words that I've used
To stab the one who hurt.
In minutes,
Ive shattered the other's apparent "trust."

But I wish to give them
the same that I've got.
In gallons, with tons of salt.
I wish to obliterate their beliefs
of being right.
Right, when bending my will
My limited desires.
And this petty feeling,
That may be abhored
But sometimes, Its the only thing
that brings me hope.

I do harm,
I do, harm.
I acknowledge.
But may be this warped mess was formed
by the toxic stains.
Mixed in something sweet,
The poison shake.
Its not very visible:
But something, dissolved.
And I take a sip each day.
Some days, it is a bit easier to ignore.
And so,
I can play out my part of being a happy doll.

But sometimes,
Sometimes I gulp,
I chug this toxin in.
And I am not that strong
to keep it within.
And so I puke,
And so you burn.
And then I get relief.

A pathetic feeling...
Still something much needed.

© she_writes