Prosperity Soaring High
The tricolour unfurls in all its glory,
Dancing on the free winds,
Of a blue sky
Holding the colours of countless hopes
and sacrifices
It rises high
All the heads held up in pride
this flags unfurls the future
of brighter side
Freely, Happily it kisses the sky,
freely move the animals
and freely the birds fly
Beneath its waves, the land breathes deep,
In unity and peace, not just a leap.
Through fields of green and mountains tall,
It whispers freedom's eternal call.
With every fold, a story told,
Of brave hearts warm and tyrants cold.
It stands, a beacon for every eye,
A symbol of where our loyalties lie.
In its embrace, we find our might,
To stand for our values,
For every stripe, a promise made,
In its shadow, our debts are paid.
So let it wave, our flag so dear,
With every cheer, let's make it clear.
We stand as one, undivided, strong,
In this land where we all belong.

© RV Patil