Would you? (Spoken word poetry).
If I owned to you a deserving piece of my art.
Would you, you know love me even if it was just a bit?

If I rhymed with you my poetic verses till the very last.
All on me, would you readily be rhythmic with those hands just like it would be your last?

Would you stay close enough.
That if I was willing to play to you a violin,
Somewhere appealing and serene?

If I lined to you the path to this heart.
Would you thread on it so light cos,
It's some luxury new site?

If, if, if.
I no longer want to reside in this if's.
Cos they keep using and breaking me like I was on some love lease.
Would you please give out a shame to them and let me be at peace?
Cos I don't wanna give up on this glaring loss,
I don't wanna be called WEAK.
This might all sound pathetic,but,
I'm falling off this overwhelming cliff.

Would you?
Would you do this for this longing damsel in need?

© SaAra.