The Many Faces of the Moon
The many faces of the moon,
So wondrous and so bright,
Each phase a different story,
A different glimpse of light.

At first she's but a sliver,
A crescent in the sky,
A hint of what's to come,
As she begins to rise.

She grows and grows in size,
A quarter, then a half,
Her light illuminating,
A world that's dark and vast.

And then she's full and round,
A beacon in the night,
Her face so clear and bright,
A source of endless light.

But soon she'll start to wane,
Her light will slowly fade,
Until she's just a sliver,
A memory of her grace.

The many faces of the moon,
So beautiful and rare,
Each one a precious gift,
A wonder of the air.p
© Simrans