I'm tired. i’m not burnt-out, but I'm tired. Life feels monotonous. scrolling is becoming very boring. bills never end.

I feel like i am being consumed by nothingness. like i am tied to the world and it's shambolic system.

i feel like i need to be in the forest by the river everyday just to feel alive again.

like genuinely; it feels like i am in a box just not living. like this is just one continuous cycle… over and over and it’s boring and tiring.

I'm tired. life's just the same cycle and i want to escape. I hate the blandness and void. I need to disappear.

i’m tired of being held to all these standards, systems, formless society - i’m quite tired of taking part.

I need to breathe a different air. listen to new sounds. feel something new and taste something spectacular.

I am so tired, I want out!

© jk writes!