Paranoid Schizophrenic
I wish I didn't feel this way,
Constant restlessness shouldn't get a say.
Comes wrecking havoc on any good choice,
You've gone ahead and lost your voice.
Your shadow recedes into the darkness you own.
You don't belong here. This I thought you'd outgrown.
You found comfort alone so you could flee to your dreams,
Where no one could hurt you, away from there screams.
You choke back hot words not wanting to swallow,
Yet you can't spit them either, gives them somewhere to wallow.
Speak your truth, speak it quick, They won't like the topic,
Say it anyway, your care factor must be microscopic.
You all sit back, poised and ready to strike.
Behaving like rapids, there attitudes childlike.
An impossible challenge for those with small minds.
Giving law to philosophy, Gaslighting mankind.
Heroine by birthright.
A unique worldview of skills.
Buckle up, its Battletime.
Born savage, out to kill.
I've always broken that mold, I don't do what I'm told.
I have this moral compass that they try to erode.
Suspicious arise, so come take your place.
At the table of truth, your saving grace.

© Miss Messica