Smiling memories
In every corner of my mind,
There lies a treasure trove so kind,
Of cherished moments from my past,
Each memory forever to last.

Riding bikes through streets so wide,
Running through fields with arms open wide,
Laughing with friends under the sun,
Those carefree days of endless fun.

Picnics in the park with homemade treats,
Playing make-believe in secret retreats,
Exploring the world with curious eyes,
Underneath the endless skies.

Oh, how I long for those days gone by,
When worries were few and dreams soared high,
But in my heart, I hold them dear,
Those cherished memories, forever near.

So I'll keep them close, within my soul,
And let them guide me as I grow old,
For in those moments, I'll always find,
The innocence of childhood left behind.