Simple Yet Not
"Let go", two simple words,
a call to redemption,
Yet hard to accomplish,
tied by apprehension.

"Break free", two simple words,
a plea for freedom,
Yet strength escapes me,
in this silent battle.

"Move on", two simple words,
a whisper of a new beginning,
Yet trust in the future,
feels like a distant hope.

Bound by the past,
a shadow's tight kiss,
I hesitate, unsure,
in this sluggish space.

But look ahead,
the horizon shines so bright,
In every dawn,
a promise of new light.

Step by step,
courage will grow within,
Embrace the journey,
let the healing begin.

Believe in the power
of your own heart,
With every move forward,
you become strong.

Trust in tomorrow,
let hope be your guide,
In the face of fear,
let your spirit glide.

© Angieb_Writes
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