in the shadows
In the shadows of the night, life's whispers linger,
A haunting melody that cuts through the soul like a dagger.
The weight of existence, heavy and cold,
A never-ending cycle of stories untold.

In the depths of despair, we search for a light,
But all we find is darkness, consuming us in fright.
The echoes of our past, a ghostly presence,
Reminding us of our sins, our failures, our essence.

Life's cruel dance, a macabre waltz,
Leaving us breathless, lost in its false pretense.
We stumble and fall, in the abyss we roam,
A never-ending nightmare, a place we call home.

In the silence of the night, we confront our fears,
The demons within us, the pain that sears.
But in the darkness, a glimmer of hope,
A faint flicker of light, a way to cope.

So we rise from the ashes, stronger than before,
Embracing the darkness, and seeking something more.
For in the depths of despair, we find our true selves,
A haunting beauty in life's eerie, dark delve.
© Juan the Don Blaze