In the heart of life, there's a seed of hope,
A tiny spark that helps us cope.
But remember, my dear, as you grow,
It's action that makes this seed glow.

Life is a journey, not a race,
Filled with hope, it's not a chase.
But don't just wish upon a star,
Take steps to reach, no matter how far.

Hope is a bird with colorful wings,
In our hearts, it softly sings.
But birds don't fly on songs alone,
It's their wings that make the sky their own.

So, live with hope, but don't just wait,
For life is short, don't hesitate.
With every sunrise, make your mark,
In the symphony of life, be your own lark.

Remember, in life's grand scope,
Action gives wings to our hope.
So, dream your dreams, but don't stop there,
With action, make them real, if you dare.
© tekkanshojiro