Whispers Of The Heart
In whispers soft, secrets take flight,
From friend to crush, beneath the starry night.
A boy's heart drums, a hopeful beat,
As words of longing in shadows meet.

His friend, a messenger of the tender soul,
Conveys his feelings, with whispers whole.
But in her eyes, a riddle resides,
Acquiring her soul where truth hides.

Neither rejection nor acceptance dear,
Leaving him suspended in love's atmosphere.
Like petals caught in a breeze's caress,
His feelings linger, in a sweet distress.

Does she held his words as treasure grand,
Or let them slip like sand through her hand?
In silence, he ponders, in silent prayer,
Longing for a glimpse of her love's flare.

Yet within her silence, he finds a song,
A melody of patience, enduring and strong.
For love oftentimes is slow to unfold,
It dwells in shadows, awaiting for its roll.

So the boy waits, his hope a flame,
In the hushed corners where affection lays claim.
For though her answer is yet unknown,
In his heart, love's seed has grown.

© Highlighter