Mother's touch

© All Rights ReservedIn the cradle of love, a bond is born,
Between a mother and her child, sworn.
A connection deep, like roots to a tree,
A love that's boundless, wild and free.

From the moment of birth, a sacred tie,
That binds their hearts, as time flies by.
In laughter and tears, they stand side by side,
Through every storm, together they stride.

A mother's touch, soft and warm,
A soothing balm in life's raging storm.
Her embrace, a haven so sweet,
Where every fear and worry retreat.

Through sleepless nights and endless days,
In joy and sorrow, they find their ways.
For in each other, they see their reflection,
A bond unbroken, beyond perfection.

As the years pass, and seasons change,
Their bond grows stronger, rearranged.
For in the heart of a mother, forever and a day,
Her love for her child will never stray.

So let us cherish, this bond so true,
Between a mother and her child, me and you.
For in their love, we find our light,
Guiding us through the darkest night.