To Whom It My Concern
To Whom It May Concern, I now decree,
An epic tale of life's complexity.
A journey vast, of heroes and foes,
Where destinies entwine, like rivers that flow.

In lands unknown, beneath the starlit skies,
Our saga unfolds as time swiftly flies.
A pantheon of characters will arise,
Their tales entangled, like whispers in disguise.

I introduce thee to the valiant knight,
With armor gleaming, his sword shining bright.
Defender of justice, he rides with might,
Champion of the weak and beacon of light.

At his side, a maiden of grace and charm,
A warrior princess, her heart steadfast and warm.
With prowess unmatched, she raises no alarm,
Yet her internal battles leave her soul torn.

Thirdly, there emerges a wizened sage,
Endowed with wisdom and intellect so sage.
He wields ancient magic from a bygone age,
But his serenity belies a hidden rage.

Through treacherous forests, they all shall tread,
Facing mythical beasts with scales painted red.
Their valor tested, as darkness spreads,
Yet undeterred, they forge onward and ahead.

Confrontations abound, from dawn to dusk,
A relentless pursuit, their mission, they trust.
Friendships are formed, love finds its thrust,
Yet shadows of betrayal shall surely adjust.

Whom can they trust? In whom shall they confide?
As webs of deceit threaten to divide,
Battles fierce, alliances collide,
Their unity tested, their souls pushed aside.

And at the climax, amid chaos' reign,
A revelation, a secret, human or insane.
Betrayals, sacrifices, all weapons to drain,
The epic finale poised to leave a stain.

But from the ruins, hope shall still arise,
For heroes endure, with strength that defies.
They mend broken hearts, and wipe tear-soaked eyes,
Emerging victorious, under envious skies.

So, to whom it may concern, this tale I weave,
Of bonds tested, as destinies deceive.
An epic journey, where courage prevails,
For love, friendship, and truth that never fails.
© w.Castleman