“I Think It's Funny How…”
I hate when people say that exercising is fun,
that it makes them feel good,
Because for me,
exercise is a pain in the backside.
I've lived with asthma my whole life,
I've been overweight my whole life.
And not being able to breath,
but forced into heavy breathing
in order to maintain or lose
the fat that clings to my body
like phlegm in my lungs,
is not fun.
However, I love to dance.
And dancing doesn't require much,
but I find that even when I'm out of breath,
my legs are dead,
and my lungs are struggling to inflate,
I still keep dancing.
It's like a loophole
to the inconvenience that is exercise.
I realize that not everyone likes to dance.


© J.M.M.Powell