North Star, Lonely Star
The star now resides on the top of tree.
Its white light shines gently. For anyone to see.
As a reflex, lips curling up in a smile.
It comes and it goes every once in a while.

The vinyl spins producing holiday sounds.
It sounds joyous, though no one else is around.
The warmth in the air leaving cheeks with a glow.
Alone, what's the point being under mistletoe.

It becomes a tradition. More and more every year.
The lights are still pretty when reflected through tears.
Only one present sits under the tree.
With only one name. From me. To me.

Holidays didn't always seem a solitary affair.
A time made for family, with love in the air.
One self-addressed Christmas card. On the front. " Tis The Season"
Loneliness is prominent for no obvious reason.

Expectations of strength with only mild consideration.
Still laughing while watching Elf and Christmas Vacation.
That welling of cheer and holiday fun,
As well as the magic, have packed up and gone.

Lighting two candles for the days of the past.
Wishing that there was a way they could've been made to last.
"I wish you a Merry Christmas. I wish you a Merry Christmas." Sounds sad to the ears.
"I wish you a Merry Christmas. And that someone was here."

Time now for bed. Dimming all of the lights.
Needing to get to sleep before Santa takes flight,
Hoping he has the answer, to make it all feel right.
Maybe he can hang out when he's done for the night?

Eyes close dramatically as a curtain going down.
Nothing there to make noise or holiday sounds.
Dozing off quickly. Another solitary year.
Where are you Christmas? Why aren't you her?

© The Moonlight Bard