The night sky is painted,
With the bright lights,
Like a painted canvas with the hues,
Of olive greens and bright blues

Oh, the northern lights,
People await to take a look at you,
Shining with your immense glow,
Brightening up our souls

Glowing in the northern part
Of this beautiful lively world,
Showing a ray of hope,
In the loneliest and secluded skies

The beautiful dancing waves of luminescence,
Has captivated people's eyes for a long time,
Raining upon your beauty, during the rime

You appear as the dynamic pattern,
Of the beautiful lights,
In the form of curtains and spirals,
And it's so amazing to witness it,
As a light flickering in the lantern

How fascinating it would be,
To dance in the shine of these lights,
Among the blankets of thick snow,
And the icy fractals, all alone...

Oh, the divine beauty,
You are an exceptional part of nature
We wouldn't dare to unsee

Shimmering over the flow
Of the rivers and the seas,
The sky is vividly painted,
By the heavenly lights,
Called Aurora...

#sky #nature #fantasy #aurora #northernlights

© _NamelessMonster729