Meeting my future self...
While busy day dreaming,
I often meet my future self,
succeeded and self-reliant,
living life to it's fullest.

I ask her if she has accomplished all?
She always answers YES,
And starts narrating how did she succeed,
through all those passing days.

I inquire about my family,
she says with all delight,
'They are utmost happy with all her endeavours,
and all her shining lights'.

Curiosity brims, and I ask about my father,
With great pride and a grin wide,
she replied,'He is the most happy person on this planet',
and very proud to be my dad.

My heart reached serenity,
and I felt the path I am following is right.
Yet she warned, 'If I keep day dreaming,
I would end up with different life.'

'Continue walking this life course, never ever look back,
Resilience and consistency will be the strongest weapon in your backpack.'

'Unfurl your wings, and takeoff towards future's rediant dawn await.
Self esteem and confidence will break all hurdles on your way.'

My mind echoes with ripples,
Awakening me from this dream,
with new energy and confidence,
I embark on life's vibrant stream.

© mj3112