Living In My Head
Everyday I battle with the demons in my head, they're always there even when I go to bed.
Whispers in my ears and thoughts in my mind,
I wish they were different and being kind.
Loss of confidence and self-esteem, things are a lot worse than they may seem.
Nasty comments and an unusual sound, I wish I knew how to turn my life around.
Losing control and reality, hoping it doesn't end in my mortality.
Surviving not living is how I seem to be, I don't want this to be me.
Struggling and fighting just to cope, looking for a little hope.
Scared to live but not to die, may sound weird but it's not a lie.
Monsters in my head everyday, hoping one day they'll decide not to stay.
I hope one day they will stop controlling me, this isn't how I want to be.
Falling to pieces on the ground, just needing someone to be around.
One day when I break myself free, I can start living and being me.
Right now I don't know when, I'll keep on fighting until then.
Belinda Manton
© All Rights Reserved