It's not a house

it's not a house,
but part of our emotions.

Might be old and rickety,
needing patches and repair,
holding on to precious memories,
and valued like a treasure.
Even a new house,
gives us the pleasure,
with families and closed ones...
any space can become habitable.

A sense of security,
place of our comfort,
giving us the strength to face the world,
and return back to be refreshened.
Like a root holding onto the earth,
nourishes, supports the spread of its branches,
or like a nest that protects birds,
helping them withstand the harsh weather.

It's not just a residence,
but a part of a community,
as we cultivates the traditions,
by adorning it with various symbols.
For, it displays our uniqueness,
while being part of a society,
acting as a venue of communications,
forming trusts and creating new bonds.

It's our identity,
that remains in our heart,
enriching ourselves through the lifetime,
acting as a source of our origin.
Yes indeed, it's a feeling,
influencing our perceptions,
it's not a house,
but part of our emotions.

© Dr. Manish Rout