You come in my dream...
In every night when i see you in my dream, where love takes flight,
A connection blooms, bathed in ethereal light.
Though unseen, unknown, our souls intertwine,
A bond so profound, transcending all time.
Are we remnants of a million years gone by,
Reunited now, beneath the starry sky?
Or are we echoes of the present, entwined,
Reflecting our love, in dreams divinely designed?
Perhaps we've met in parallel junctions, dear,
Sharing a love that spans both far and near.
As a married couple, we embrace our fate,
Bound together, in this earthly state.
Every night, you visit, my love so true,
A vision in dreams, painting skies anew.
Who are you, my baby, in this mystic dance?
Speak in poetic whispers, enhance the romance.
You are the moon, casting shimmering light,
Guiding my heart through the darkest night.
You are the breeze, caressing my soul,
Whispering love's secrets, making me whole.
You are the sun, warming my very core,
Igniting passion, forevermore.
You are the ocean, deep and profound,
Unveiling emotions, in waves that astound.
In dreams, we dance, in love's sweet embrace,
Two souls entwined, in a timeless space.
Our connection defies earthly measure,
A love eternal, our ultimate treasure.
So, my baby, in dreams you appear,
Bringing love's symphony, crystal clear.
Our souls are intertwined, forever to be,
In my dream, where love sets us free...