All is vanity
We chase the golden light in vain,
Forsaking peace for wealth and power.
We slave for what's bright and shiny,
Yet shadows stretch into the night.

Why sell our souls for fleeting profit,
And bear the weight of endless hurt,
We trade our joy for unseen chains,
And lose the magic in between.

The trees let go their leaves each year,
But find new life as new seasons come.
Their branches bare fruits, and roots hold tight,
Waiting for a new start.

If only we could learn from them,
To trust in life's whirling play.
To let go what’s lost, embrace the new,
And let our hearts find more true paths.

For in the cycle of life,
There lies a promise of the day.
Where loss is but a transient phase,
And growth emerges from the mist.

© Angieb_Writes