the Shadows Of Love
In the heart's tender grasp, love resides,
A dance of truth and veiled lies.
It blooms, a flower in the soul's embrace,
Navigating paths of vulnerability and grace.

To love is to surrender, to trust and believe,
In the beauty of what we perceive.
Yet within its depths, shadows may play,
Where truth and falsehood intertwine their sway.

For love is not always a clear, shining light,
But a blend of darkness and insight.
In its embrace, we find both joy and pain,
A paradoxical journey through sunshine and rain.

But love, oh love, transcends the divide,
It's the beacon that illuminates the inside.
In its essence, lies the essence of being,
A force that's eternal, endlessly freeing.

So let us embrace the complexity it brings,
With open hearts and fragile wings.
For in love's intricate tapestry, we find,
The true essence of our humankind
In love there is no Darkness without light......

© @David_vs_a_word