Staring calmly at your perfection
Glaring beauty caught my attention
Passing clearly through the waters
Having you dear is all that matters

A flower so fine, perfectly made
Its light and shine evades the shade
One gaze but may last for an hour
Such grace holds that much power

Will I ever see you again?
May the heavens allow another
I want to hold you, my gem
If the heavens allow forever.

I never known such beauty before
Now you came, and quenched my thirst
For your beauty caught and cursed
The vision, the strength I have in store

I'll hunt you down, I will push through.
Through the grace of the gods above,
Like a deer in the woods, I'll hunt you
My dear, dear maiden, accept my love!

This narcissus found someone to fall for
Apart from the self he has all loved before.


© poufpoetry