The Light in the Darkness
Sometimes every day is a battle
We walk around with a smile,
And hope that no one can see through
We hide away the pain and the rain
People believe that you are ok but your not

Then it's Sunday and your still hiding
You go to church and the preacher gives a message
You walked in feeling anguish
But that message hit a button
And you just can't fake it anymore

You know that the message is from God and you let the pain out
Then you go to the alter and pray about it
Knowing that God is holding you
Cause you can hear it

You can hear Him whispering in your ear
"You can't fake it, cause I see it,
And it may be tough but you will get through it
Just put your faith in me and it will be created"

Then you don't have to fake your smile anymore
Becausese God made your life not so dark
And the next time something happens you know
To just go pray about it.